One on One Microblading


This is a two day one on one microblade, permanent makeup
eyebrow training intensive course

During these two days you will learn how microblade confidently. You will also learn how to use your tool 5 different ways to create a variety of stunning eyebrow styles to have diversity in the industry. You will personally complete two live eyebrow models in two different styles with the guidance of your private instructor.

Upon completion of this course you will have the confidence and understanding of how to preform a variety of eyebrow styles including but not limited too, the extremely popular Ombre Eyebrow, a Powder Fill Eyebrow, (which is a more traditional style of permanent makeup) how to shade and fill, and a number of different eyebrow patterns. You will also learn eyebrow corrections.

In this Covet Artistry microblade training program there is a full day of theory where you will become certified in Blood Bourne Pathogens. You will understand client and technician’s risks and hazards, permanent makeup colour & pigment theory. You will understand and be provided with medical history forms and client waivers for your personal salon use. By the end of the program you will be ready to take over the wonderful world of permanent makeup eyebrows.

This program includes a Covet Artistry micro blade startup kit which includes a our signature fully disposable micro blade needles, permanent makeup supplies, and enough pigment to work on approximately fifty clients.

For details, pricing, and a course outline, please click below!