What is a Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo artistry is the implantation of semi permanent pigment into the epidermal layer of the skin, by means of a single use hand held micro blade tool or a digital machine though the use of tiny sterile needles. Also commonly known as Micro Pigmentation, Semi Permanent Makeup, Cosmetic or Medical Tattoo.

Cosmetic vs. Traditional Tattooing

There are two main differences between a cosmetic tattoo and a body art tattoo. Firstly the layer of skin that we are working on with a cosmetic tattoo is the epidermal layer of the skin. There are no blood vessels in this layer there is minimal bleeding if preformed correctly. Secondly the type of pigment used. With a cosmetic tattoo we are using a semi permanent pigment that is meant to slowly fade out with the skin as it regenerates so it can be changed and adjusted as your face and styles change.


Is it Safe?

Yes! -If you are having your procedure done in a sterile and clean environment with a certified technician.  You must be sure that your technician is fully trained, certified, licensed, blood born pathogens certified, and most importantly Interior Health Inspected and Insured. 

Check this link to be sure that they are in compliance.

Make sure they have a business licence for permanent makeup (certain buildings are not approved for health and safety.) You must always be certain that your technician is opening packages in front of you and wearing gloves, a mask and there hair up and out of their face with out the risk of it falling into your brows. There also must be a hand washing station near by that the technician does not have to open any doors or touch anything to get to,- and is Not for public use.  Are they using Baby wipes to clean your open skin? You would be surprised how many Technicians are actually doing this! The establishment must Not have carpeted flooring or a porous work station. Every Thing that touches your brows must be single use.  Always be weary if other procedures such as nails or hair, are being preformed in the same room due to the risk of air borne pathogens (think of toe fungus or powdered bleach flying through the air and contaminating your freshly Micro Bladed Eyebrows, yuck!)

At Covet Artistry we pride ourselves on our immaculate clinical environment. We are a fully Health Inspected facility, and hold a permit granted by Interior Health Canada. We only offer Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo Artistry in our space to meet these strict standards.

Is it Painful?

At Covet we use a top of the line topical numbing gel as well as an open skin numbing gel during procedure if needed. We want you to be comfortable and happy. If pain is an issue for you please talk to your technician prior to your appointment.

How Long Will it Last?

A well done Micro blade with realistic strokes will typically last 1 to 2 years. You have to keep in mind we are only working on the top layer of the skin. In order to keep the strokes looking natural we must not go to deep. *If you have a technician telling you it will last longer they are most likely using a machine or are going too deep so the strokes look more like hard lines and will often result in scar tissue.

Permanent Makeup such as a Powder Brow, Eyeliner, & Lips can last up to 5 years before another touchup is needed as the pigment is placed at a deeper layer of the skin.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation will last up to 10 years as a special permanent SMP pigment is used.

Will it Work for Me?

Cosmetic tattooing works well on almost everyone however there are certain skin types that may run into colour retention problems. Oily, very dry or acne prone skin tends to have the most difficulty retaining the pigment for a micro blade. People who have auto immune disease, or people needing corrective work may not have the same retention as others. At Covet artistry we have many advanced techniques and pigments available to tackle just about any skin type. We have seen it all, so please if you are concerned give us a call 250-801-4329.

Healing Process

Immediately after the initial procedure your cosmetic tattoo will look much sharper and bolder then it will when fully healed. At about the 3 day mark you should begin to notice light shedding of skin and by approximately day 5 you should look fully healed, however full skin regeneration takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. You will notice the colour will have softened and there may be some patchiness in the brow – that is normal with a micro blade. It normally takes two sessions to complete the look.  You must book your free 6 week touch up at the time of booking  (it is recommended you book the touch up on procedure day to avoid long wait times) Some clients who have very good healing choose to save there 6 week touch up to make their brow last longer. You can save your free touch up for up to 6 months. 

How Old Do I
Have to Be?

You must be 18 or older in order to have any procedure at Covet Artistry.

What if I am
Pregnant or Nursing?

We do not preform any procedures on Pregnant or Nursing Mothers.


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