One on One Microblade Masterclass


Are you already a certified microblade or PMU Artist?

Do you feel as though you do NOT have the skills or confidence you were hoping for? Come work side by side with me in my professional studio, I will teach you microblading tips and tricks that took me years to accomplish. This is a one day intensive course which is tailored to your personal areas of struggle.

Are you having a hard time with retention? Do you know how to do a powder eyebrow? How to shade? How are your clients healed results? What about your eyebrow patterns and shapes? Do you understand colour theory? Are your eyebrows turning grey or red? Do you know why?

We will focus on the areas that YOU need to master. The morning will be spent on theory and your areas of weakness, in the afternoon we will work together on your model. *You may add one extra model for another $399

*Please note this program is for certified PMU or microblade artists only. If you ARE a Micro Blade or Permanent MakeUp artist who has Not received your certificate due to unfortunate events, a proof of purchase will be required.

For details, pricing, and a course outline, please click below!