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Please keep you hands away from the tattooed area for the first 72 hours, we do not want the area to become infected. If you must touch your face be sure that your hands a properly cleaned with an antibacterial cleanser. During the First 7 to 14 days, three times a day gently (with your fingertips) clean the tattooed area with warm water and a mild cleanser or baby wash. Lightly pat dry with a clean towel, allow to air dry for a minute or two, then apply a light layer of your after care wax / balm. Never Share your tattoo balm or wax with others, this is to be used only on the tattoo area. Please keep it clean and sterile.

If you notice any green or bad smelling discharge, extreme swelling or a hot red rash around the area, please see your doctor right away. Though extremely rare, these are possible signs of secondary infection or an allergic reaction and must be treated immediately.


Moisturize lightly three time per day (after cleansing and patting dry) morning, noon and night with tattoo wax provided. Repeat steps if you see any plasma or a scab trying to form, we are trying to stunt the scab forming process for optimal results.

Can I workout?

For the first two weeks, no excessive sweating, no saunas, no facials, no salt water, no high energy work outs, sports, running, hot yoga, dancing etc.


Before showering lightly apply tattoo wax provided or coconut oil which acts as a water barrier to protect the pigment from water. Pat dry after shower, NEVER RUB. Avoid hot steamy showers and never allow the shower to spray directly onto your brows while healing. Do not shave or wax the area. Do not pick or rub the tattooed area. Do not Submerge the area under water. 

Swimming in salt water or having a facial, steam, or exfoliating is not recommended for 4 weeks. Salt can pull out the colour.

Touch Ups

Book your six week touch up as soon as possible as we are usually booked a month in advance.

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Long Term

In order to protect you investment it is recommend you use a SPF 30 or higher sun screen on the tattooed area two weeks after procedure. It is also recommended you avoid any tanning, dermabrasion or exfoliation on the tattoo area.


You can receive an additional Free Touch up, an eyelash enhancement liner, or a small scar camouflage with just 5 referrals or 1 training referral.


*Covet After Care Form Subject to Change.